3 Common Causes for Your Toothaches

Currently experiencing a toothache and want to get to the bottom of what’s causing it? The type of discomfort you feel, how frequently this tooth pain occurs and its severity can often give some pretty good clues. While certainly not inclusive of all the culprits, here are 3 common causes of tooth pain we’ve noticed over the years:

Receding gums

When your gumlines recede, this exposes the root of your tooth, which is very sensitive to outside stimuli since they’re covered in tiny pores and nerve endings. If you were to drink something hot/cold or whiten your teeth, you’re highly likely to experience sensitivity in areas where you have receding gums and exposed roots.

Whitening Kits

Do you use over-the-counter whitening kits to brighten your smile? These kits tend to open the pores of your enamel, making you more sensitive to outer stimuli or your usual hygiene routines like brushing. We recommend professional whitening treatments that are suited to your specific smile and dental needs. Apart from screening for signs of active decay and dental conditions, we also screen for the types of whitening products used at home as this is a common cause for increased sensitivity.


While not every cavity causes pain, many cases of tooth decay give way to sharp flare-ups of pain. If you have a severe toothache, this is often linked to aggressive tooth decay or an abscess, where the cavity has then reached the nerve of your tooth.

Experiencing tooth pain? You definitely shouldn’t ignore it! Call SDG for the earliest intervention possible to lessen your chance of a painful dental condition.