Quality dental care with Advanced Laser Treatment

First used in 1990, laser dentistry has steadily become a popular method for patients interested in both safe & effective dental treatments for a wide range of dental issues, from tooth decay to emergency root canals. While relatively new to dentistry, laser treatment offers both dentists and patients several advantages that make this a treatment worth considering.

What is Laser Dentistry?

With so many advantages over conventional techniques, laser dentistry has become a cutting-edge dental technology. Lasers are used to perform a variety of dental procedures with increased precision, efficiency, and patient comfort. Dental lasers are an innovative solution that uses focused beams of light energy to remove/reshape tissue, activate bleaching agents in whitening treatment and even cure bonding agents, making them a considerable choice for many dental treatments. They can be used for both hard tissue (teeth) and soft tissue (gums) procedures.

Only dental practitioners who have specific training and are qualified to use dental lasers may offer laser treatments, as it requires a thorough understanding of how the technology works to choose the right laser and wavelength for your procedure.

In Wantirna, our dental practitioners are always up-to-date with continuing education and training to offer our patients access to the best dental care available at all times.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry can offer higher chances of successful treatments with minimal pain and less recovery time. It also reduces the need for conventional dental drills and tools, which we understand may cause apprehension and anxiety in our clients. As an advanced treatment option, this offers many benefits to dental patients, including:

  • Shorter treatment and recovery time
  • Minimises bleeding and inflammation
  • Reduces scarring and damage to surrounding tissues
  • Reduces the risk of an infection
  • Stimulates tissue regeneration and healing
  • Reduces anxiety and discomfort
  • Minimises the need for anaesthesia or stitches.
  • Increases accuracy and precision
  • Enhanced aesthetic outcomes

What can laser dentistry be used for?

Laser dentistry can be used for a range of cosmetic dental and restorative dental treatments. At your consultation, we will list out the options available to you so you can make an informed decision.

  1. Tooth decay
    Dental lasers help with identifying cavities early on. Lasers can be used more efficiently than a conventional dental drill to cut or shape tooth enamel when preparing for a filling and can further help with bonding the filling to the tooth. It may also be used to remove decay during root canal therapy. You can also visit the Fotona official website to learn more about how this technology can save your smile!
  2. Gum disease
    Any diseased or inflamed gum tissue can be efficiently removed without affecting much of the adjacent healthy tissues. Lasers can also be used to expose tooth roots to remove underlying plaque. This is a significant improvement when compared to manual procedures, as it promotes better healing and reduces the risk of infection. You can watch this video for more information on using dental lasers for gum disease.
  3. Root Canals
    Lasers can help in cleaning and shaping the root canals with greater precision, reducing the risk of infection and improving the success rate of the procedure.
  4. TMJ Disorder
    TMJ Disorder is a painful condition that can radiate pain all the way to your head and neck. Low level lasers can be used to reduce this pain and inflammation along the joint and surrounding tissues.
  5. Impacted wisdom teeth
    Laser treatment can be used to remove gum tissue in order to expose and treat wisdom teeth that have partially erupted or are stuck in the gum.
  6. Stained teeth
    Laser dentistry can be used to activate the bleaching agent used in whitening treatment, which helps speed up the process giving faster results.
  7. Gummy smile
    Conscious of your smile and feel like it may be too gummy? Laser treatment can be used to reshape your gum line or remove excess gum tissue to show more of your teeth. This procedure can be done with minimal bleeding and discomfort when done using a laser.
  8. Biopsies and lesions
    If you’re suffering from ulcers or lesions in your mouth, laser treatment can be used as pain relief or to remove tissue for a biopsy. They are also effective in removing benign oral lesions and growths.
  9. Composite Bonding
    Lasers are most often used to prep or shape teeth for composite bonding to repair worn-down dental fillings.
  10. Sensitive teeth
    Dental lasers can alleviate tooth sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages by sealing the tubules in the tooth roots.

Less pain & faster treatments at SDG

Types of Dental Lasers

At SDG, we are proud to offer laser dentistry treatment options to deliver happy and healthier smiles for our dental patients in Wantirna. As opposed to manual or conventional dental tools, laser treatments help provide the best results for your dental procedures in a shorter timeframe with minimal discomfort.

  • Soft tissue lasers – Our specialised lasers excel in soft tissue removal and management by efficiently penetrating tissues and sealing nerve endings and blood vessels, resulting in minimal patient discomfort and accelerated tissue healing.
  • Hard tissue lasers – These lasers are better equipped to penetrate dense tooth structures with extreme precision, making them the ideal choice for the removal of tooth structure or prepping your tooth for bonding.
  • Fotona LightWalker – The LightWalker dental laser allows us to offer gentle and minimally invasive dental care for our patients. Using a focused beam of light, the Lightwalker laser can efficiently address tooth decay and several soft tissue concerns, including gum recontouring, wisdom tooth extractions and gum disease therapy. It can even be used to treat cold sores. Learn more about how we can help you using the Fotona LightWalker in this video.

Laser dentistry leads to a stress-free post-op experience due to it being less invasive, with minimal pain, bleeding, and absence of open wounds, requiring patients to primarily maintain good oral hygiene to prevent infection.

Is Laser Dentistry Safe?

Yes! There’s no need to be worried about laser dentistry as it’s considered safe and effective when performed by trained professionals and helps complete many treatments faster.

If laser treatment is the right procedure for you, we will explain the process thoroughly and answer any questions you may have. Our qualified professionals have extensive training and experience using dental lasers to help our patients benefit from faster, pain-free dental treatments so give us a call today for more details!


Why Choose SDG for Non-Invasive Laser Dentistry?

At SDG, our goal is to provide the best quality dental care to all our patients in an effective, safe and pain-free manner. While there are some limitations and potential drawbacks, the advantages make it a valuable tool for many dental procedures. That’s why we offer a wide range of laser treatments for you. If you are anxious about visiting the dentist, you can rest assured because our dentists have extensive experience using lasers for dentistry.

When you choose SDG Dental, your smile and oral health will be in capable hands. We also provide sleep dentistry solutions to help you with your dental fears. Contact us for more information!