3 Reasons Why Your Missing Tooth Needs to Be Replaced Fast!

Ever found yourself in excruciating pain over a tooth that needs to be removed? A quick visit to the clinic would have your tooth extracted in no time but as much timely relief as this offers, you’ll definitely want to get this tooth replaced ASAP and here’s why!

Opposite tooth will erupt

Each of your teeth are specifically designed to have a partnering tooth in terms of your overall bite on the opposite arch. If you remove one, the tooth meant to bite against it is likely to erupt further outwards to have a partnering tooth to rest against.

Misalignment of adjacent teeth

By leaving a gap between your teeth, you’re leaving room for your adjoining teeth to drift out of place and tilt to adjust to this development. Essentially, this little gap is capable of causing a chain reaction of misalignment across your entire smile!

Bone shrinks away!

Since your tooth has been removed and there’s nothing left for the bone to adhere to, it will start to shrink. With severe shrinkage and the strength of the adjacent teeth being compromised as a result, you’ll find that it’s also difficult to place an implant! A sunken jaw or change in your facial structure is a physical symptom of your bone shrinking away!

Schedule an appointment with SDG and we’ll help you determine which treatment is the best option for you based on your oral health and preferences! Either by placement of an implant or fixed bridge, we can help maintain the integrity of your teeth!