3 Risks of a Crooked Bite to Watch Out For!

Did you know crooked teeth don’t just give you a misaligned smile but put you at more risk of a number of health problems? This is why we strongly recommend considering orthodontic treatment for a crooked bite with no time to waste. Here are three common dental issues you’re likely to face with crooked teeth:

Gum Disease

Crooked teeth put you at an increased risk of gum disease. Gum disease is usually caused by a buildup of plaque on your teeth. Having crooked teeth usually makes it harder to be thorough when brushing your teeth, causing more tartar to form over time, which in turn will lead to gum disease. This is also why we recommend regular checkups with your dentist so we can professionally clean the areas your toothbrush misses.

Tooth decay

Crooked teeth won’t just affect your gums. Since crooked teeth are tightly packed together, it makes it quite hard to floss between your teeth properly. As more and more food gets lodged in your teeth, cavity-causing bacteria breeds and the possibility of decay developing is highly likely. By scheduling in regular checkups with our dentist, you can intercept this decay early hand but there is a big possibility of this becoming a recurring or more serious dental issue without addressing the root cause.

TMJ Disorder

If your bite is severely misaligned, this can lead to TMJ disorder since a lot of unnecessary strain is placed on your jaw to function, inevitably leading to painful inflammation. A lot of other issues usually arise from this, such as difficulty opening your mouth or chewing, soreness & headaches etc. In some cases, surgery is required to treat the problem.

If you’re worried about your crooked bite, schedule an appointment with SDG today and we’ll outline the best possible treatments for you!