4 Common Causes for Cavities

Are you prone to cavities more than most? Aside from eating too many sweets, there could be many other reasons for your active tooth decay. Here are 4 other common causes for cavities you should be mindful of:

Sports/fizzy drinks

Sip on a diet soda during the day or an energy drink after the gym? These could be the worst possible drinks to hydrate yourself with as they’re loaded with sugars and acids. Being liquids means they can also reach every surface of your mouth, speeding up the process of weakened enamel.

Not staying hydrated

Your go-to drink over the course of the day should ideally be water. Not only does your body need water to stay hydrated but drinking water naturally rinses your mouth of any lingering bacteria. If you opt for another drink, you risk more oral bacteria accumulating.

Not flossing

Your toothbrush doesn’t reach between your teeth, especially the sides where your teeth touch. Majority of cavities begin here because no matter how consistently you brush your teeth, the food particles and bacteria lodged between your teeth won’t budge. Flossing daily is the best way to manage these areas.

Lack of care

Scheduling regular scale and cleans and professional fluoride treatment with your dentist can drastically reduce your chances of developing cavities. When you come in for your appointment, we’ll be able to intercept high-risk areas and advise you on how to lower your chances of tooth decay.

Eliminate your risk of tooth decay with the right oral hygiene routine! Schedule your appointment at Studfield Dental Group and we’ll help you with a treatment plan.