4 Reasons Why Overdentures May Be For You!

When missing teeth aren’t replaced, they can cause quite a few health concerns in the long term. Luckily, if you have multiple teeth missing, there are various dental treatments available to choose from, depending on your personal preferences and eligibility. Implant-supported dentures, or overdentures, are a set of artificial teeth supported by 2 implants fixed at the front of the lower jaw. Here are the benefits this treatment offers:


Overdentures are a great choice for patients who find dentures cumbersome to wear and struggle to keep it securely in place. Overdentures are fixed in place using dental implants, as we mentioned earlier, so your new teeth won’t be able to move around in your mouth.

Jawbone is stimulated

It’s important to replace your teeth ASAP and keep your jawbone stimulated to avoid deterioration. This deterioration can give your face a shrunken look and also make it harder for you to receive dental treatments like implants in the future due to the lack of bone density. Since overdentures use implants that are surgically inserted, your jawbone remains stimulated.


Since secured in place, your overdentures are going to be a more comfortable dental treatment than dentures. With this treatment, simple daily functions like eating, chewing and talking are also going to be far easier, with less gum irritation. This improved functioning allows you to break your food down more thoroughly. As a result, you have improved digestion too.

No denture adhesives needed

Dentures require an adhesive in order to be kept securely in place. This can be messy at times and may not work as efficiently as expected. Overdentures make use of implants to be kept securely in place so you need not worry about adhesives.

Missing multiple teeth and looking for good replacement options? Our expert team at Studfield Dental Group offers high quality overdentures amongst a range of other dental treatments. Call us today for more details and to assess your eligibility!