4 Signs of Tooth Decay To Watch Out For

What if you have a cavity and didn’t even realize it? Here are some common signs of tooth decay to watch out for to minimize the risk of having cavities that spread to your neighboring teeth. Make sure to call our Wantirna dentists at Studfield Dental Group for a checkup if you ever notice any of the below!

Floss Shredding

Have you ever noticed the floss starting to shred or tear apart once you glide it out? Does it also get stuck or hung up in a particular area of your mouth. This could mean there is an area of tooth decay or compromised margin around an existing filling.

Food Getting Caught

A cavity is capable of creating physical holes inside your teeth. One of the most common areas for this to happen is where two particular teeth touch each one another. If you notice food getting stuck between the same two teeth regularly, then you’re likely having decay or gum disease surrounding that area.

Increased Sensitivity

One prominent red flag when it comes to tooth decay is increased sensitivity to sweets. This doesn’t necessarily have to be candies either; even a sip of your regular coffee with creamer or soda may lead to pain. If you experience a sharp every time you eat or drink something sweet, it’s definitely time to schedule a consultation with our dentist.

Foul Taste Or Odour

As your cavity or infection worsens, you’ll gradually notice a foul taste or odour that comes from your mouth, no matter how much you brush your teeth. There’s definitely an underlying reason for this, indicating a problem that hasn’t been addressed and has worsened.

At Studfield Dental Group, we strive to catch dental problems as early as possible so they can be treated quickly and affordably. If you suspect you may be having a cavity, leave no time to waste. Schedule your appointment today!