Abscessed Tooth Symptoms

Dental abscesses mean that the nerve inside of your tooth is infected and/or dying. In most cases, the nerve tissue needs to be removed and the tooth protected with a root canal (endodontic therapy.) 

Although abscesses aren’t always obvious, there are typical signs that accompany them. Be on the lookout for:


Throbbing, dull, or sharp aches coming from a specific tooth should always be investigated. 

A Fistula

Fistulas look like small pimples on your gums, near the tip of your tooth root. They can swell and drain, coming and going as the infection leaks into your mouth. 

Pain When You Bite Down

An abscess at a root tip will be more painful when you apply pressure to the top of the tooth. You’ll likely notice the pain when you’re eating, causing you to chew your food on the other side of your mouth. Try to note if there’s a specific tooth that the pain is coming from, so that we can pinpoint the infection as quickly as possible. 

Bad Taste in Your Mouth

Draining abscesses tend to cause a bad taste around them. The drainage tends to be a bit salty, or in some cases even metallic. Like a fistula, the drainage can come and go, making it more noticeable at certain times. 

Tooth Changing Colours

A necrotic nerve means a dying tooth. When teeth die, they start to darken. You may notice the overall tooth start to look brown or grey compared to its neighbours. 

Is it Time for an Exam?

Book a visit to Studfield Dental Group today. Our Wantrina South dentists will examine your tooth and take an X-ray to see if there’s an abscess around the root tip. We’ll do everything possible to get you out of pain as fast as we can. Call now for an appointment!