Advantages of Regular Dental Cleanings

Did you know that most major dental concerns are preventable? At Studfield Dental Group, we make it a point to help our  patients avoid common dental problems through good daily hygiene, smart nutritional choices, and healthy habits that aid in strong tooth development. One of those key steps is scheduling a preventative cleaning at least every six months.

Keep Your Teeth Longer

When well cared for and maintained, your teeth can last for life. But it takes constant maintenance and preventative measures to keep the supporting bone and gum structures healthy and secure around each tooth root. A scale and clean will help to remove build-up from hard-to-reach areas that has accumulated between checkups.


Preventing Gum Disease Before It Starts

When build-up such as plaque or calcified tartar is allowed to sit on the teeth for an extended period of time, it triggers an inflammatory response in the body. Usually, this manifests itself as gingivitis. But if you don’t reverse gingivitis, it progresses into gum disease. Having a scale and clean at our  dentist office ensures you have a “clean slate” to work with when it comes to daily brushing and flossing. Since gum disease can never be reversed (only stopped) it’s best to halt it before bone loss starts to begin with.

Catch Problems While They Can be Reversed

Early stages of enamel demineralization gradually evolve into active cavities, which require fillings. Skip a visit or two, and that small cavity may now need a root canal or a crown. But if we see you every six months for a cleaning, we can spot weak enamel surfaces and provide fluoride supplementation to help them remineralize, before it becomes an active cavity.

How long has it been since your last dental clean? Call Studfield Dental Group today to schedule an appointment at our Wantrina South location.