After-Care Tips For Your Wisdom Tooth Removal

Once you’ve had your wisdom teeth removed, a blood clot will form over the surgical site. It’s very important that this clot stays in place or you will endure what is called a very painful “dry socket”. To avoid this, we recommend following these instructions to the best of your ability!

Changing the gauze

This is a step we’ll show you before you leave our Practice as well. After the extraction, gauze will be placed over the site. For as long as the bleeding continues, the gauze will have to be changed out. The key to doing this is wetting the gauze before putting it in place to prevent it from sticking to the blood clot.

Rinsing your mouth

We recommend waiting 24 hours before rinsing your mouth out. When rinsing, use a combination of warm water and salt. Swish the mixture around and gently spit it out. Spitting too hard can cause the blood clot to come loose. Do this a few times a day over the course of a couple of weeks.

Avoid straws

Avoid drinking through straws or anything that requires a suction motion as this can loosen the clot too. Water would be your ideal drink of choice. Avoid alcoholic/carbonated beverages until the site has healed.  

Eat soft foods

You won’t need a liquid diet but it’s best to stick to soft foods initially. Bread, mashed potatoes, yoghurt and other foods that require minimal chewing are ideal.

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