Be Scan Smart!

Dental Imaging

Radiation is a term we’re all familiar with, and some will even avoid obtaining important scans due to the “nasty potentials”. Once again, thanks to modern technology and our motivation to provide the latest, most reliable and effective methods, Studfield Dental Group now offers a breakthrough in technology – 3D Imaging (3D CBCT).

What is 3D CBCT Imaging?

If you didn’t read it here, you might not believe it… but, this new and improved scan only takes a short 10 seconds! Delivering a complete picture of your features, the 3D scan can be viewed from any angle, in colour, providing a view of your bones and teeth like never before.

Since emerging, the 3D CBCT Imaging has become a crucial part of treatment planning and diagnoses in areas like implant dentistry, periodontics, orthodontics and endodontics.

What makes it better than alternatives?

Prior to the release of these modern imaging systems, oral health professionals relied heavily on 2-D imaging for diagnoses and treatment planning, often meaning patients were exposed to radiation multiple times.

Repeated exposure to radiation has been associated with irreversible eye damage, genetic defects, and development of malignancies in the eye, thyroid, salivary glands, bone marrow, and skin. The 3D CBCT eliminates the need for repeated scans, building a complete reconstruction of the following regions:

• Dental (teeth)
• Oral/Maxillofacial region (mouth, jaw, neck)
• ENT (Ears, nose, throat)

This incredible leap in technology now gives practitioners immediate access to accurate images, which are crucial in achieving precise diagnose and more suitable and effective treatment methods.

Benefits include:

• Improved outcomes
• More accurate treatment predictability
• Reduced morbidity
• Minimized need for exploratory procedures

Studfield Dental Group take great pride in delivering exceptional patient care, backed by reliable and ground-breaking technology to ensure you receive the best in dental care! Call and book an appointment with us today!