Can I Wait For A Filling?

Just found out you have a small cavity and wondering if you can afford to wait awhile before thinking of treatment? Before you make your decision, here’s what you need to know about tooth decay and fillings:

Decay worsens

There’s no circumstance where tooth decay gets better on its own and disappears. Minor enamel demineralization is reversible through a consistent oral hygiene routine or fluoride treatment but once a cavity (or hole) is created, this cannot be repaired on its own and will only get larger. By waiting to get a filling, you might end up needing a more complex root canal treatment and crown.

You might not feel pain

Pain is not a good symptom to wait for when deciding on dental or medical treatment. Even with severe cases of decay or abscessed teeth, you may not experience any pain. In this stage, complex dental treatment will be necessary. Instead, look for symptoms such as rough edges, increased sensitivity, food catching between particular teeth etc. as signs that you need to get dental treatment.

Your cavity may expand

Tooth decay is an active bacterial infection. Like all infections, it’s perfectly capable of spreading to your neighboring teeth if left unchecked. It’s far better to get a filling for a single tooth rather than wait a few months and get caught to multiple teeth with cavities.

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