Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Replacing your missing teeth has never been so successful than it is with the modern dental implant. Studfield Dental Group offers comprehensive implant treatment in Wantrina South.

The catch? You need to be a candidate for treatment!

Your Current Oral Health Status 

We choose to place implants in mouths that are healthy and stable, to prevent infection and failure of the prosthesis. If diseased teeth need to be removed, we will want you to have adequate healing time to minimize the risk of infection. Or if adjacent teeth are affected by gingivitis and gum disease, we may choose to address your hygiene practices before moving on to surgically placing an implant adjacent to that site.


Your Goals for Implant Therapy

 What are you hoping to achieve with your implant treatment? Do you only need to replace one tooth? All of them?

Depending on the anatomy of your mouth and the goal of treatment, our Wantrina South dentists can let you know if it’s a reality.

For example, one individual may hope to stabilize a permanent denture with 2-4 implants. But if there isn’t adequate bone, we may opt to create a removable overdenture that fits securely without the permanency of an All-on-4 prosthesis.


Underlying Health Issues

Our Wantrina South dentists will want to thoroughly review your medical and dental history — including any medications or supplements that you take — before determining if you’re a candidate for implants. Because some types of health issues or prescription drugs can interfere with surgery or bone health, it’s vital that we discuss any underlying factors that may impact the success of your treatment.

If you want to find out more about how dental implants can help you smile and eat more comfortably, call our Wantrina South practice today to schedule a consultation.