Considering Cosmetic Teeth Straightening? Here’s What You Need to Know

Cosmetic Teeth Straightening is a procedure that focuses purely on fixing the aesthetics of your smile. As such, it tends to prioritize only the teeth that people will notice when you’re talking or smiling rather than addressing your whole set of teeth as traditional braces do. As a result, this treatment tends to be much shorter than the conventional method, so if you were looking for a relatively quicker way of getting that aligned smile, this would be it!

Fast results!

The best thing about cosmetic teeth straightening is that it gives you quicker results! Since lesser teeth are addressed in this case, the whole procedure can take between 4-9 months for patients to see good results! In comparison, traditional braces would need a minimum of 24 months or more to get the job done. So you can have that perfect smile in just under a year with cosmetic teeth straightening!

Subtle options

You need not worry about wearing cumbersome, obvious metal braces either! At Studfield Dental Group, we offer many subtle options including removable mouthpieces and transparent aligners that help relieve patients of any appearance anxiety! Depending on your specific lifestyle, we can help choose the best alternative solution for your appearance.
We best recommend this cosmetic procedure for patients who have an otherwise healthy smile and do not suffer from any issues stemming from back teeth or TMJ for best results.
Want to find out which option is best for you? Contact us today to schedule a consultation at your earliest! We’ll lay out all the possible alternatives to give you your best possible smile in the shortest duration!