Dental Implants Feel Loose? Here’s Why!

You know your dental implants are supposed to be permanent so when it starts feeling loose, you’re naturally bound to feel worried. Firstly, we’d recommend scheduling an appointment at SDG for an evaluation of the matter. But here are a few common reasons as to why your dental implant may be feeling loose.

Loose Abutment

This is a connecting attachment fixed on the hollow area at the top of your implant. The abutment usually sticks out of the gum while your crown is cemented on top. If your abutment starts to unthread from the implant, this could explain why it feels loose. Loose abutment is actually an easy fix that doesn’t affect your dental implant at all!

Loose Crown

As mentioned above, the crown is cemented on top. If this seal is broken the crown will become unglued leading to a loose implant. All that’s required in this situation, however, is a little more cement to stabilize the crown.

Gum Disease and Bone Loss

Gum disease can deteriorate the jaw bone holding your dental implants in place. If you have severe gum disease, it’s entirely possible for your implant to fall out completely due to a lack of any jaw bone to hold on to. This applies to your natural teeth as well!

At SDG we’ve handled various patients and their implants. If your implants start feeling loose, contact us immediately for a straightforward solution. You’re in safe hands with us!