Do You Need Gum Recontouring?

A beautiful, healthy smile doesn’t just depend on the state of your teeth. Your gums too can make a big impact! Your gums essentially frame your smile so an irregular shape or contour can lead to a lopsided smile or teeth that look short. Gum recontouring helps adjust your gumlines to reveal a fuller, healthier looking smile.

Results in just one session!

During your appointment for gum recontouring a new margin will be drawn to ensure your gumline evenly spreads from one tooth to the next. Your gumlines will still take on that scalloped contour around each tooth but in just one visit, more of the tooth surface is significantly visible.

Are you the ideal candidate?

Gum recontouring is the ideal solution for people who have short or irregular shaped teeth. If you’re considering a dental restoration like a crown, but there’s not enough structure visible above the gumline, gum recontouring is a good way of increasing your tooth’s surface area.  This is also an ideal solution for pregnant women as hormonal changes can sometimes give way excess gum tissue.

Choosing SDG for a healthier smile

At Studfield Dental Group, we believe there’s a solution for everyone! We comprehensively assess your smile for personalized dental treatment! From recontouring your gums/teeth to teeth whitening or smoothening out irregular edges with dental bonding, our dentists have the expertise needed to guarantee a job well done!

Find out if you’re a right fit for gum recontouring! Call us to book your consultation today!