Do You Need Root Canal Therapy? Here are 5 Signs

If you have a dental abscess, root canal therapy is a form of treatment you’ll want to seriously consider, as this is one problem that won’t go away on its own! If you notice any of the below signs and symptoms, make sure to contact us straight away for professional root canal treatment!


What starts out as a dull ache will soon escalate into a throbbing pain that could potentially even keep you up at night when left unattended! These types of toothaches won’t even be eased by over-the-counter medication.

Sensitivity to hot/cold

If you’re experiencing sensitivity to cold beverages and foods, this can be an indication of many oral issues including a dental abscess, a cavity or even gum recession. If you’re experiencing sensitivity to hot temperatures, however, this is a clear sign of an infection.

Pain when chewing

Experiencing discomfort when you chew can either mean you’re suffering from a fractured tooth or it could also point to something more serious like an abscess, in which case root canal therapy is necessary. Allow our professionals to take a look and determine the root cause of this issue.


Fistulas are pimple-like bumps along your gum with tiny holes that drain out the infection from your tooth. This usually means you won’t experience as much pain since the fistula is helping get rid of any build up in pressure. However, to thoroughly clean out the infection, root canal treatment is required.

Discoloration of your tooth

If your tooth has experienced any sort of damage/injury over the years and you notice it going dark, this could be an indication of nerve damage. To fix this, you’ll have to get the damaged nerve tissue completely removed.

Visit Studfield Dental Group and we’ll perform a thorough assessment of your teeth to determine if root canal therapy is in order. Schedule your appointment today!