Everything You Need to Know About a Scale and Clean

A Scale and Clean appointment at Studfield Dental Group goes far beyond a little polishing of the teeth! A checkup of this nature is incredibly important in catching oral diseases and related issues as early as possible. Catching such issues early makes it more affordable on the wallet to combat and far easier to rectify the situation.
So if you’re wondering what exactly goes on during a scale and clean, here’s a list of activities to expect (excluding the usual removal of tartar buildup and plaque):
Measuring bone levels
The gums surrounding your teeth is essential to maintaining a stable, healthy environment. Thus, we not only measure your gum levels but also use specific tools in order to measure the hard tissues of your mouth too. The results are compared to X-rays in order to identify if you have a healthy bone height.
Evaluating TMJ Function
Any person suffering with TMJ disorder will experience muscle movement and pain that not only affects the jaw joint but radiates all the way to their head, neck and back too! Our checkup will evaluate you for any symptoms.
Identifying systemic warnings
Any diseases or deficiencies your body may be experiencing can manifest as symptoms inside your mouth! This way, a single checkup by our practitioner will be able to identify if you have any underlying conditions in need of serious rectification!
Screening for oral cancer
A scale and clean carefully screens for any tissue change in order to identify the possibility of oral cancer. Without which, you wouldn’t be able to detect the disease on your own until in a much advanced stage.
How often should you schedule a checkup? We’d recommend doing so at least twice a year. If you’ve suffered from gum disease in the past, make it a point to schedule an appointment every 3 or 4 months to keep a healthy smile!