Five Signs You Might Have a Cavity

You felt something funny inside of your mouth…could it be tooth decay? Although not every cavity causes pain or obvious symptoms, there are some things that definitely indicate a problem is occurring. Before you pick up the phone to call our Wantrina South dentists, ask yourself if you’ve been experiencing any of the following:

Feeling a Rough or Sharp Edge

Run your tongue across your teeth. Do you notice a jagged or sharp area that irritates your tongue? Is this area unlike any others inside of your mouth? It could be structural damage to one of your teeth.


Something Feeling “Off” When You Bite Down

When things don’t feel quite right, you’ll be able to tell. Maybe your bite feels off or a tooth isn’t where it seems like it used to be. Even something damaged by as little as a millimetre can often be felt!


Sensitivity to Specific Foods or Drinks

Sweetened drinks or foods can cause a zinging sensation when they come into contact with hypersensitive tooth nerves…this almost only happens when a cavity is involved.


An Area That Collects Food Easily

An open cavity in your tooth can catch food during meals. You may seem to find that there’s a certain spot that you need to floss every time you finish dinner.


Visible Dark Spots or Staining

Not every cavity creates a visible black hole that you’ll see in the mirror, but signs of dark areas could be more than just a bit of superficial stain that needs to be polished away.

Now that you know the most common symptoms of tooth decay, you can be prepared to take the best first step to caring for your smile: Calling Studfield Dental Group. We’re open 7 days a week for your convenience.