Four Reasons to Consider Sleep Dentistry

At Studfield Dental Group, we offer sleep dentistry in our Wantrina South office. Here are a few reasons why we choose to make it available to our patients:

You Need a Lot of Dental Work

 If it’s been a long time since you saw a dentist last, there’s a chance that you have several cavities that need to be filled. Being able to “get it all over with at once” is a great way to get back into a prevention focused routine, so that you can enjoy less treatment between checkup appointments.

Fewer Appointments

Dental work is usually broken up into different appointments, for the comfort of our patients. With sleep dentistry, our Wantrina South dentist is able to ensure that you’re comfortable for a longer period of time. This allows us to work more efficiently, completing multiple procedures in fewer visits. As such, you may only need one or two appointments, instead of three or four!

Going to the Dentist Makes You Feel Nervous

It’s ok, we understand. A lot of people just feel nervous when it’s time to go to the dentist. It’s challenging enough to have someone look around your mouth, but if you need actual work done, it may be more than you’re comfortable handling. Sleep dentistry is a great way to overcome your fear.

 You Just Want to Relax

Plenty of people request sleep dentistry because they would prefer to tune out everything going on during their treatment. Even if you love making trips to our Wantrina South dental office, sedation can help you to feel almost like you’re napping throughout the procedure. Just remember to be sure to have someone that can drive you home.

At Studfield Dental Group, our sleep dentistry services are ministered by an anaesthetic specialist. You’re carefully looked over to ensure your safety at all times. To learn more about this relaxing tool and what it offers to our patients, contact our Wantrina South dentist to schedule a consultation.