Four Tips to Help Your Child with Their Braces

Is your child getting braces? Here are a few ways to make the process easier on everyone:

1.Make Mealtime and Snacking Easy for Them

Eating with braces is one of the biggest changes that our Wantrina South patients have to adjust to. In the beginning, choose softer foods that are easier to chew, especially since their mouth may be sore early on. As firmer foods become easier to chew, be sure to have them cut up into small enough pieces or cook them so that they don’t interfere with the orthodontic appliances. For example, cut corn off of the cob instead of leaving it on, or steam sliced carrots instead of serving them fresh.

2.Stock Up on the Right Oral Hygiene Aids

Cleaning around braces takes special tools. Aids like an electric toothbrush, water flosser, proxy-brush, and special mouthrinse can keep teeth clean and cavity-free during orthodontic treatment. Double check that your child is cleaning well enough around and between their brackets to avoid any unsightly white circles once their appliances come off. 

3.Get Them to Their Appointments

Your child or teen most likely wants their orthodontic treatment to go by quickly. The best way to do this is to keep adjustment appointments and follow any home-care instructions that are given. If visits are delayed, the results from the braces will be too (meaning more time wearing them.) 

4.Have a Few “Emergency” Supplies on Hand

Sometimes orthodontic appliances break, a wire comes loose, or a bracket feels irritating. When it does, you’ll want to have some orthodontic wax on hand, a pair of nail clippers (just in case a wire is poking out) and pain relievers. 

But the most important orthodontic emergency supply is the phone number for Studfield Dental Group. Call our Wantrina South office today for convenient family dental and orthodontic care.