Gum Disease and Pregnancy

When you’re expecting, your hormones can seem to go haywire at times. From cravings to mood swings, every woman responds to pregnancy differently.

Some even notice that their gums bleed more easily than they used to.

If you just found out that you’re pregnant — or you’re having trouble conceiving — pay careful attention to your oral health.

Here’s why:

Gum disease can make it difficult to conceive. And it’s not just women. When one partner has active gum disease, it can take longer for the couple to become pregnant. Active periodontitis raises inflammation throughout your body, affecting your reproductive health. When you eliminate one source of infection and inflammation inside of your body, it’s easier for your immune system to function efficiently.

Gum disease raises your risk of preeclampsia and preterm labour. Scientific studies show that pregnant women with active gum disease tend to have a statistically higher rate of experiencing preeclampsia or go into labour before they’re supposed to.

Gum disease is linked with low birth weights. Oral biofilm can spread from your mouth through your blood vessels and be passed onto your child. Between this situation and your added risk of preterm labour, your baby has a higher chance of an abnormally low birth weight. It’s safe to see the dentist during pregnancy, so don’t skip your checkups!

No, Bleeding Gums Aren’t Normal

With good home care and a bit of extra attention, you can reverse early signs of gum infection within a few weeks. However, if your gums continue to bleed or are noticeably swollen, it’s important to see our Wantrina South dentists. Studfield Dental Group is here to help you achieve a healthy smile, so that you can have a healthy body and successful pregnancy.

For more information on prenatal dental care or treatments during pregnancy, call our family dentists for an appointment!