Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

Are there actual health advantages to having teeth that are straight? Or is teeth straightening for adults simply a cosmetic procedure?

Our Wantrina South orthodontic patients are often surprised to learn how getting their teeth straightened actually helps with other dental conditions at the same time!

Here are some examples:

Fewer Chipped Teeth

Tooth enamel is hard. In fact, it’s the strongest substance in your entire body. But when teeth don’t bite together correctly, they can wear each other down. Proper tooth alignment keeps pressure distributed properly, so that there isn’t end-on-end grinding going on.


Dental Work that Lasts Longer

Like your tooth enamel, dental restorations such as fillings and crowns can be susceptible to wear. You need them to perform properly so that they last as long as possible. It might actually be more cost effective to straighten your teeth than it is to keep changing out dental work!


Lower Risk of Cavities

When you can’t clean between tight, crowded teeth, they’re more likely to get cavities. Sometimes teeth are so snuggly situated that you can’t get floss through them.


Improved Gum Health

Your gums are what help keep your teeth stable for decades to come. But leaning or rotated teeth can pull on your gum tissues, making it so that they can’t protect the teeth they’re covering. Crooked teeth tend to get gum disease more frequently because of how difficult it is to clean between them, down under the edges of the gums. Even if you have healthy teeth, a crooked bite might cause your gums to suffer.


Are Adult Braces Right for You?

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