How Braces Boost Your Oral Health

Many patients see braces as something that will only improve the appearance of their smile.  This can in fact affect your self-confidence, but braces also have other benefits that many aren’t aware of.

Misaligned teeth can cause functional issues too, which can be improved by braces.  The professionals at Studfield Dental Group in Wantrina South can help you decide if braces are a good option for your smile’s future.


If you have crooked or crowded teeth, it is likely that they are more difficult to clean.  Straightening your bite with braces will ensure that you can effectively brush and floss hard-to-reach areas.  This can significantly help to reduce your risk of tooth decay.


 If your teeth are spaced apart or gapped, or if you are missing teeth, then you probably have trouble chewing properly.  Braces will bring your teeth closer together and will allow you to chew more effectively without straining specific teeth in your mouth.

TMJ Disorder

 Improperly aligned teeth can cause your jaw to have to put itself in compromised positions in order to bite, chew, or even speak properly.  This can have significant effects on your jaw joint or TMJ.  When the TMJ flares up, it can cause severe pain and other side effects.  Having your teeth properly aligned with braces will help reduce the risk of jaw trouble.

Proper Care with Braces

It is also very important to note that braces can severely affect your teeth and smile in a negative way, if not cared for properly. Wires and brackets collect plaque and should be thoroughly cleaned and flossed each day to ensure your teeth don’t develop decay.

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