How Much Does General Anaesthesia Cost for Dental Work? 

A woman with a blue mask on her face getting general anesthesia before surgery

Does the thought of visiting the dentist make you want to run for the hills? If that’s you, we have something that will help you relax and undergo dental treatment with ease – general anaesthesia! 

With general anaesthesia, you can undergo dental work without any pain or awareness of what’s happening, eliminating your worries about the procedure itself. 

However, raining down on your parade of relief and comfort could be the added cost of general anaesthesia. 

As a result, you may have many questions swirling around in your head like, “Is general anaesthesia really necessary?” “How much will it cost?” and “Will insurance cover any of it?”

So, let’s dive right into what matters and explore your options for getting a dazzling and healthy smile without any anxiety (dental and financial)!

What is General Anaesthesia? 

An anaesthetic is a drug or agent that produces a partial or complete loss of feeling. While there are three types of anaesthetics: general, regional and local, our focus today will be on general anaesthesia. 

General anaesthesia is a medicated sleep state where you will slip into a state of deep unconsciousness and lose any sensation. Think of it like the best sleep ever. 

So, if you suffer from dental anxiety, general anaesthesia is an option worth considering because you won’t feel a thing or remember the procedure afterwards. Sounds like music to your ears, huh? 

It doesn’t stop there. In addition to helping you relax, general anaesthesia also works wonders for our dentists, making it a win-win situation for both parties. 

A general anaesthetic can be administered in several ways:

  • By injecting drugs into your veins 
  • Inhalation of anaesthetic gas through a mask
  • Both injections and the anaesthetic mask at the same time 

Cost of General Anaesthesia for Dental Work in Wantirna

Wondering how much general anaesthesia will cost you? Let’s break it down for you! 

The cost of general anaesthesia depends on several factors, such as the complexity of your procedure, treatment time, and sedation level. 

Accordingly, more complex procedures (like major dental work or multiple treatments) will require longer periods under anaesthesia, and the longer you are under it, the more it will cost. 

Since the cost of general anaesthesia depends on these factors, we cannot provide an accurate cost estimate without assessing your condition and needs. 

However, as a ballpark figure, sedation dentistry could cost anywhere between $500 and $1200 per hour.  

For a more precise cost estimate, schedule a consultation with one of our dentists at SDG Dental. We will assess your condition and create a tailored plan and cost breakdown just for you! 

If you are worried about the cost, don’t forget to check in with your insurance provider to see if general anaesthesia costs are covered under your policy. 

What are the Benefits of General Anaesthesia? 

In dentistry, general anaesthesia can be a game-changer in many situations. Here are some instances where we may use general anaesthesia: 

  • If you have severe dental anxiety or traumatic experiences, general anaesthesia can help you sail through your treatment stress-free. 
  • For complex or lengthy dental procedures like wisdom teeth extraction or major restorative treatments. 
  • General anaesthesia can allow you to undergo multiple dental procedures in one go. Why come back for multiple appointments when you can get everything done in one visit?
  • If the sight of dental tools and needles sends shivers down your spine, general anaesthesia can put you at ease. 
  • You won’t feel a thing even if you have extreme tooth sensitivity or an overly sensitive gag reflex because general anaesthesia keeps you comfortable and relaxed. 
  • For extensive children’s dentistry procedures since children can’t sit still for longer periods. General anaesthesia makes their experience smooth and stress-free, preventing the risk of developing dental anxiety in the future. 

General anaesthesia also offers several benefits for our dentists. Here’s how:

  • When you are completely still, our dentists can perform procedures with pinpoint accuracy without worrying about fidgeting or sudden movements. 
  • General anaesthesia relaxes your muscles, allowing your mouth to stay open wider and longer, giving our dentists better access. 
  • Knowing you are in a deep, relaxed state eases the pressure off our dentists, allowing them to work without worrying about your discomfort or pain. 

Sleep Dentistry Solutions at SDG Dental 

At SDG Dental, we understand that a trip to the dentist can be a bit nerve-wracking. That’s why we offer several sleep dentistry solutions for our anxious patients, along with general anaesthesia. These include: 

  • Inhalation Sedation: Also known as laughing gas, this form of sedation uses Nitrous Oxide to leave you feeling light-headed without making you entirely unconscious. Recovery time is quick and perfect for procedures like dental cleanings, fillings, and root canals. 
  • Oral Sedation: Here, sedatives are given in liquid form a few hours before the procedure to induce a drowsy, relaxed and sleepy state. Since it is a stronger sedative than nitrous oxide, there may be a longer recovery time with this one. 
  • Intravenous (IV) Sedation: IV sedation may be your best bet for major dental procedures. Here, the sedative drugs are given through an IV line directly into your bloodstream, leaving you in a state of deep relaxation and drowsiness. 

No matter the level of your anxiety or the complexity of your dental procedure, we have multiple sedation options to make your visit smooth and stress-free. So, don’t let dental anxiety keep you from achieving a healthy, dazzling smile.

Curious if general anaesthesia is suitable for you? Talk to our team at Studfield Dental Group to find out!