How old should your kids be before considering orthodontic treatment?

Discover the Benefits of Integrative and Conventional Orthodontics

Managing developing dentition and occlusion and its impact on the well-being of young children and adolescents involve the practice of early integrative or conventional orthodontics. At Studfield Dental Group we offer early recognition, diagnosis and the appropriate interventional treatments to impede the onset of dentofacial abnormalities.

According to the Australian Society of Orthodontics, the recommended age for orthodontic treatment is between 8-10¹ years, however, early orthodontic evaluation is vital when determining developmental issues, such as misalignment of the jaws, crowding of teeth or an over or underbite. Children as young as 3, may benefit from early interceptive procedures such as the cessation of prolonged use of a dummy, thumb sucking, tongue thrust etc. This may not require the use of any appliances but the use of parental support and education. Prompt attention to these developing malocclusions can assist in achieving the goals of occlusal and dentofacial harmony.

We are committed to creating harmony between the patient’s jaws and facial bones via gentle forces. This manipulation is achieved via numerous orthopaedic/orthodontic appliances including:

  • Removable Orthopaedic appliances (1 0r multiple gear appliances)
  • Bonded Orthopaedic appliances {especially for non-compliant patients}
  • Conventional braces
  • Damon Braces
  • STb Social 6 Lingual Braces
  • Clear Correct
  • Invisalign

Integrative Orthodontics

Each child is unique, and with no definitive age in which to commence orthodontic intervention, there are signs and symptoms that may herald a need to consult with your dentist and other medical specialties. These symptoms may include tongue posture, breathing posture and lip tone.

The practice of integrative orthodontics is a focus on overall health and proper growth, optimal breathing practices, facial form and straighter teeth. As a family dental clinic, we partner with you to teach your child new, healthier oral habits while creating a comprehensive oral health care plan for all our paediatric dental patients.

Orthodontic Intervention

To ensure stable, functional and aesthetically acceptable occlusion and typical dentofacial development, our dentists will assess the following characteristics in your child.

Is your child a mouth or nose breather?

If your child breathes predominately through the mouth, the child’s tongue will not rest in the roof of the mouth – this may lead to smaller upper jaw set back in the skull.

Are your child’s lips together at rest?

If your child’s lips tend to part at rest, the tongue is unlikely to rest or function in the palate. This may result in a narrow upper jaw and a misalignment of the upper front teeth.

Free Orthodontic Consultation at Studfield Dental Group

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