How to Care for Your New Crown

You just got a brand-new porcelain dental crown. Before that, you had a large filling or maybe no restoration at all. To help your new investment last as long as possible, our Wantrina South dentists have several suggestions on how to care for your new cap:

Floss Daily

Many people have a fear that flossing a new crown will cause it to fall off. Not so. The cement that we use to keep your crown in place is very strong. If a crown were to come off while flossing, I would have anyway. Keeping the margin of your cap clean is very important to prevent new areas of decay from developing along the edges. Wrap the floss snuggly against the side of your tooth and slide it up and down several times, extending below the gumlines. Repeat this several times per tooth and floss at least once per day.


Brush Gently Along the Gumlines

Keeping your gums healthy will minimize the edges of the crown from harbouring bacteria, becoming more visible, or development of gum disease. Brush gently, so as not to cause the soft tissues to recede over time.


Let Us Know if Something Feels “Off”

Your mouth can tell if something isn’t quite right. Should your crown feel “off” in that the fit is higher than it should be, or something seems loose, let Studfield Dental Group know straightaway. We can make necessary adjustments or recement the crown if need be.


Keep Regular Dental Checkups

As with your entire smile, our Wantrina South dentists recommend a check and clean every six months to stay on top of any developing oral health situations and intervene as early as possible. At Studfield Dental Group we’re open on Saturday and Sunday for your convenience. Call us today to schedule!