How We Treat Cracked Teeth

Suspect you have a cracked tooth? Our expert dentists at Studfield Dental Group have extensive experience diagnosing and treating cracked teeth. Wondering how we can help? We have various treatments available for cracked teeth, depending on the location and severity of the crack:

Bonding / Filling

Surface cracks can be noticeable in the mirror and pick up stains easily due to the chipped enamel but they rarely cause any structural damage. These small cracks are aesthetic concerns that can be easily bonded or filled over.

Dental Crowns

More severe cracks that can’t be filled over need a sturdier dental treatment. Daily chewing and biting might worsen the crack if the issue is not addressed so we recommend quick action. A dental crown helps protect the tooth underneath from regular wear and tear.

Root Canal Treatment

Deeper cracks extending into your teeth can allow bacteria to enter the nerve chamber, which could possibly lead to a painful abscess. Using a dental crown for a crack this severe might trap bacteria inside, allowing the infection to worsen. In these instances, a root canal will help prevent an abscess.


Cracks extending through the root of your tooth can be quite painful, and also cause uneven pressure when chewing. Unfortunately, the best solution for a tooth that’s split in two is extraction. This is the best way to prevent trauma to adjacent teeth, bone and gum tissues.

Suspect you have a cracked tooth? Schedule your consultation ASAP at Studfield Dental Group! We’re well-equipped to handle all types of dental emergencies.