Implant Restorations: Which is the Best for You?

Looking for the ideal restoration for your missing teeth and considering dental implants? This is one of the most reliable long-term solutions available. Did you know there’s a variety of implant options available, however? Each durable and uncompromising in functionality, here are the options you’ll want to consider:

Single Crowns

A single ceramic crown imitates a single tooth. A traditional dental implant involves a replacement that includes an individual implant (titanium root) with a custom-fitted crown placed on top. With this option, you can easily maintain the look and function of your natural tooth.

Dental Bridges

With the use of two dental implants, a dental bridge (supporting 3-4 teeth) can be used to fill in a wide space in your mouth. By opting for this restoration, you can avoid a removable partial denture, which some patients find cumbersome to wear.


A great alternative to traditional dentures, overdentures are a removable set of artificial teeth secured by as few as 2 dental implants. By using an implant secured restoration, you no longer have to rely on denture adhesives.

Retained “Hybrid” Dentures

The hybrid dentures are a full-arch prosthesis (i.e. it covers the span of your smile from one side to the other). The hybrid design mimics that of an extended bridge, and it can be permanently attached in place with just 4 implants.

How do you know which option suits you best? Consult Studfield Dental Group and we’ll help give you a personalized dental treatment!