Porcelain vs. Same Day Veneers

Transforming your smile into a gorgeous accessory usually means incorporating our Wantrina South cosmetic dental veneers. Since veneers make it possible to change everything from tooth shape to colour, they offer dramatic results in the least time possible.


But there’s more than one type of veneer available. So, when you visit Studfield Dental Group for a cosmetic consultation, it can help to know what your options are ahead of time.


Traditional Porcelain Veneers

The most popular type of veneers to get are the traditional designs made out of porcelain. These restorations are hand crafted in a lab for optimal aesthetics. Since porcelain is durable and slightly translucent, it offers great long-term results and appears more natural than other options. But they take about two weeks to make, which isn’t an option for some people.


Same Day Composite Veneers

When you only have one or two teeth that need aesthetic adjustments, it might be possible to hand craft a veneer in our office in just one appointment. These restorations are made from similar materials as white fillings, which makes them easy to shape, apply, and cure in just one sitting. The downside to composite veneers is that they’re more opaque and chip more easily than porcelain. As such, if you get several of them across your smile the results won’t look as good as porcelain. But if you only have a couple of teeth that need attention, composite veneers are quite cost savvy!


Which One is Right for You?

Our Wantrina South dentists will review your case and make individual recommendations based on your smile’s unique needs. At that point, you’ll have the information you need to take the next steps. A gorgeous smile is just a phone call away. Call Studfield Dental Group today!