Professional Vs Commercial Teeth Whitening: Which Works Best?

Teeth whitening is an affordable and effective solution for a brighter, whiter smile! But can your chosen method of whitening affect the effectiveness of the results? Do over-the-counter really provide the same results as a professional teeth whitening session in a Practice? Let’s break it down:


In general, over-the-counter products are designed to be weaker than their professional alternative. Whitening gel that’s too concentrated may not be safe to use for individuals with active tooth decay or gum disease. By opting for professional teeth whitening, you’re getting the fastest and most effective results for your individual smile.


Commercial teeth whitening have a longer shelf life because of preservatives. For some, these added chemicals can even cause gum irritation. Professional products aren’t designed to last for months on end. Having fewer chemicals in them make them far safer for use and gentler on our patients.


When you schedule a professional teeth whitening session, the application method is well-fitted to your individual smile to ensure every surface of your tooth comes into contact with the solution. Over-the-counter methods generally use ‘one-size-fits-all’ trays, which can leave some areas of your smile untouched. The end result could possibly be uneven whitening.


When opting for professional teeth whitening, you’ll be given a set of trays to keep and re-use when touching-up. When you run out of your whitening gel, you can pick up a new tube from our office. Using commercial methods means buying a new kit every 6 months.

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