Tartar: Everything You Need to Know

You’re probably quite familiar with tartar: the hard substance that forms on your teeth over time. Tartar tends to calcify in place when allowed to set on your tooth for too long. Despite your regular brushing and flossing, this often doesn’t remove the buildup entirely. Over the period of 24 hours, any small amounts of soft plaque remaining will harden into tartar.

Once tartar forms on your tooth, this can’t be brushed or flossed away. This is why we recommend a professional cleanup by a dentist in order to have it cleaned off. Our dentists use special tools that are capable of removing this buildup without damaging your gums.

Where does tartar build up most?

You’ve probably noticed a visible tartar buildup between your checkups but the extent to which this happens can change from individual to individual. This is because people tend to metabolize bacteria at different rates.

The first spaces to be affected are more likely to be behind your lower front teeth and on the cheek side of your back teeth. This occurs because your major saliva glands are located here, making it a prime breeding ground for bacteria.

If you’re someone who’s prone to heavy tartar buildup, our dentists at SDG can give you special instructions on how to lower your bacterial levels. For example, we may recommend pairing a tartar control toothpaste together with an electric toothbrush to help reduce buildup between professional cleans.

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