Techniques to Clean Around Braces

With fixed orthodontic appliances (braces), it’s important to be able to clean around wires and brackets. Otherwise, they’re like a magnet for plaque build-up on a day to day basis. If you don’t clean plaque away properly, it can lead to demineralization around the brackets, permanent white spots in your enamel, unwanted cavities, and gingivitis.

Depending on the type of braces that you’re wearing and how well your dexterity is, there are some different things to have on hand to help keep your smile as clean as possible between your dental checkups.


Proxy-brush — These tufted ended tips look like small pipe cleaners, sometimes shaped like Christmas trees. They’re great for brushing against brackets, under the wire.


Floss threader — Use these plastic, needle-like aids to thread floss under the arch wire, so that you can floss between teeth next to the gums.


Super floss — With stiff ends, super floss tufts out in the middle so that it’s thick like yarn. It’s great for wiping away build-up around brackets.


Water flosser — This device uses a steady stream of water that shoots out of a thin tip to clean food debris and biofilm away. It’s great for people with fixed braces and gum disease, or individuals who don’t have the dexterity to use regular floss.


Rubber gum stimulator — Massaging your gums improves blood flow, which gingiva need to stay healthy. Simply rub the tip along your gums, especially where teeth touch side by side.


Fluoride mouthwash — Adding fluoride back into your tooth enamel where plaque has been cleaned away can help reverse minor tooth demineralization.


See Your Wantrina South Dentist Every Six Months

Professional scale and cleans at Studfield Dental Group will remove any calcified build-up that’s accumulated since your last checkup. Some people with braces benefit from more frequent cleans (as often as every 3-4 months). Contact Studfield Dental Group today to schedule. We’re open weekends!