Three Causes of Flat Teeth

Are you noticing your teeth looking shorter or flatter than they used to? While some natural wear is normal with time, there are instances where flat teeth are due to other factors. If not intercepted, aggressive tooth wear, damage, or TMJ problems are likely to develop. 

What causes Flat Teeth / Worn Teeth?

Here are three of the most common causes of accelerated tooth wear:

A Misaligned Bite

Each of our teeth is designed in such a way that it bites against the opposing tooth in a particular manner. When that doesn’t happen — due to jaw irregularities or tooth misalignment — the teeth wear down prematurely. Although enamel is very hard, enamel rubbing against itself is quite damaging. 

Bruxism (Grinding and Clenching Habit)

Often times, people grind their teeth without realizing it. This habit, called “bruxism,” usually occurs while you’re sleeping or as the result of daily stress. Some people notice they’re clenching their teeth on the daily commute or while working at their desk. Others don’t realize there’s a problem until the tension builds up to a headache or migraine at the end of the day or when they wake up in the morning. 

Sleep Apnoea

When you have a sleeping disorder such as obstructive sleep apnoea, your body and brain are deprived of oxygen. As a natural result, the body starts to fight for air intake. One of the ways it shows is by the jaw clenching itself tightly as facial and airway muscles fight to bring in oxygen. 

If you’re exhibiting other symptoms of sleep apnoea, such as chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, or a large neck circumference, you may want to get screened for a sleeping disorder. 

Protect Your Smile

At Studfield Dental Group we offer treatments to help stop flat teeth and repair the ones that are already worn or broken. Visit our Wantrina South office today for an evaluation or book an appointment online!