What are Water Flossers?

Over the past several years, different types of flossing devices have come out on the market. One that’s been around for a few decades is the water flosser.

A water flosser uses a small handheld wand with a self-contained reservoir or tubing (attached to a faucet) to deliver a steady stream of water out of one end. Depending on the design, the water pressure can be adjusted to be lighter or heavier, based on your preference. Additionally, you can select which temperature of water you like.


What it’s Made For

Water flossers are designed to help clean areas that a toothbrush can’t reach. Such as between teeth and under the gumlines. Additionally, some research does suggest that using a water flosser for deep gum pockets (where gingiva has detached from the surface of tooth roots) is more efficient than conventional floss.


Getting Used to It

Using a water flosser can take a bit of practice. At first it may seem messy or even tickle the inside of your mouth. But the more often you use it, the more comfortable it becomes.

Gently trace the margins of your gums, angling the stream of water just under the edge. Stop where teeth meet to clean up and down between them as well as under the gums against each tooth.

If you’re replacing conventional flossing, you should use a water flosser at least once a day (in addition to tooth bushing.)

Great for Hard to Reach Areas

One of the great things about water flossers is that they’re great for people with limited dexterity or who have fixed bridges and implants. Our Wantrina South dentists often see healthier gums and cleaner areas between teeth on our patients who use a water flosser.


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