What is Gum Recession?

Ever noticed your gum tissue starting to recede and it also exposes more of your tooth? This is called gum recession- it not only increases your sensitivity but makes you feel far more self conscious of your smile. It’s actually quite a common dental issue but it has to be addressed ASAP to prevent the situation from worsening.
What causes the increased sensitivity? Gum recession tends to expose the roots of your tooth. The root is rather susceptible to changes in temperature and an exposed root can be quite painful to deal with.

The main question- what causes it?

It comes down to different factors: for one, it could be due to your own genetic makeup, and this is quite out of your control! Other reasons could include brushing your teeth harder than necessary, issues with your bite, clenching your teeth or even habits like tobacco use.
At Studfield Dental Group, we’ll help you identify what exactly is causing your gum recession and help devise a long-term plan to rectify the situation immediately!

What can we do to help?

Our treatment options depend on the severity of your case but here are some ways we can help:
1. Desensitizers: These are products used to desensitize the root by adding a protective layer over it. This could be temporary fixes like a fluoride varnish or a bonding agent.

2. Composite Restoration: It’s also possible to restore a receding gum line using bonded composite meant to resemble the natural gum line and, in the process, cover the exposed root.

3. Surgery- for more intensive and severe cases, we handle surgeries where our professional will take healthy gum tissue and graft it to the affected area.

Suffering from receding gums? Our expert dentists are here to help! Call us today and we’ll help come up with a solution specific to your case.