What Your Toothache Says About Your Dental Health

You’ve probably experienced your fair share of toothaches, and if not, you’re quite lucky! But did you know that the type of toothache you have can also tell you what treatment you’re most likely to need? Here are some of the common toothaches we’ve handled at our practice and what it says about your dental health.

Sharp Pain

A sudden, sharp pain could be an indication of a cavity forming. We recommend scheduling an appointment ASAP at SDG to stop the decay before it spreads into a painful abscess. It’s important to remember that not all cavities may hurt, so regular checkups are important for early intervention.

Pain when biting down

Feeling pain when biting down or chewing can either mean you have a cracked tooth or you’re suffering from gum disease. Gum disease will need treatment to take care of the infection around the tooth whereas a cracked tooth can be treated or extracted depending on its severity. We recommend an x-ray to determine the root of your pain.


Some toothaches like throbbing may even be an indicator of sinus issues! Simply tell us of any allergies or sinus problems you have so we can rule out other factors before making a diagnosis. 

Dull aches

If you’re experiencing a dull ache this could be due to soreness caused by gum infections or an injury to your teeth. However, another underlying issue could be tooth decay. We recommend scheduling a consultation for early intervention.


Sensitivity to cold foods and beverages is relatively normal but if hot foods and beverages cause toothaches this may be a sign of a more severe problem, like nerve damage. Worst case, you might need root canal treatment.

Have a lingering toothache and unsure of the cause? Set up an exam at Studfield Dental Group so we can identify the best dental treatment for you!