Why Adults Make Great Orthodontic Patients

If you’re considering getting braces or clear aligners to straighten your smile, you may be thinking to yourself, “I’m too old for this” or “people my age never get braces.”

Not so! At Studfield Dental Group, our adult orthodontic patients are some of our most successful cases. Here’s why:

They’re Committed to Seeing Treatment Through

Most people are excited about starting braces, but the novelty can wear off after a few months, making teens or younger patients less energized about following home care recommendations. Adults understand that the payoff is worth it and tend to go above and beyond to make sure they get the results they’re after.

Great Oral Hygiene

Keeping your smile healthy and clean is vital during any type of orthodontic treatment. As adults, having clean teeth also helps to make our braces or appliances less noticeable. When it comes to proper brushing and flossing, an adult will typically take their time to ensure everything is well cared for (ensuring even healthier teeth once treatment is completed!)

Compliance and Follow-Up

Sometimes there are extra steps to take during your orthodontic treatment — like using a specific appliance or wearing rubber bands — not to mention making appointments as scheduled. While younger patients may lack the focus and self-discipline to keep up with everything, our adult patients are often determined to see things through.

Retention and Long-Term Maintenance

Now that you’ve invested part of your time and budget into a straighter and healthier smile, you want to make it worthwhile. Adults tend to be better about wearing their retainers and scheduling checkups to monitor their oral health, because they want their investment to last.

Looking for an orthodontist in Wantrina South? Our family dental practice offers in-house options for enjoying a straighter smile. Plus, we’re open weekends. Contact Studfield Dental Group today to schedule a consultation.