Why Are Dental X-Rays So Important?

It’s standard dental care for your dentist to recommend a dental x-ray at least once a year. Modern dental x-rays can serve many purposes. Some may be needed in order to give you a specific diagnosis of your teeth in specific areas or to screen for decay in areas your dentist can’t reach during checkups. There are also x-rays to give you broad imaging of your entire mouth.

Many of our patients, however, are reluctant to get x-rays due to concerns regarding radiation involved. Allow us to put these fears to rest- when you come to SDG for your appointments, our dentists use advanced technology that minimizes the levels of radiation used to as much as 90% when compared to decades in the past! With such low levels, the amount of radiation you’ll be exposed to will be similar to a couple of hours at the beach!

Even the most experienced of dentists won’t be able to see into your teeth or under your gums without the aid of radiographs. These x-rays can catch oral health issues before they come severe and more complex to treat (and as a result, more expensive).

Some conditions that can be caught by x-rays include:

  • Loss of bone
  • Bone density for implant purposes
  • Wisdom tooth impaction
  • Abscesses & cysts
  • Cavities between teeth
  • Broken jaw
  • Fractured roots

At Studfield Dental Group, we strive to offer our patients the very best dental care. Your safety is our number one priority so you can trust we use x-rays only when necessary to give you the best dental solution available.