Why Do My Teeth Stain?

Do your teeth tend to stain and get dark fast between dental checkups? Understanding what exactly makes enamel darken is the best way to reduce your chances of this happening. This will help you take proactive measures that will help your teeth look their best. Here are our top 4 reasons as to why your teeth may be staining easily:


Teeth are porous, which means they have a natural ability to soak up stain particles of the food and drinks we consume. Things in your diet like coffee, berries, red sauces and curries as well as red wine, coffee and tea are some of the most deadly culprits when it comes to dental stains. We understand that it might not be possible to cut some of these foods and beverages out of your life entirely, but we do recommend reducing your consumption and rinsing out your mouth after each meal.

Environmental Factors

Certain lifestyles, habits and environmental factors can also affect the colour of your teeth. For example, in certain areas, there may be a heavier mineral content in the soil and water supply, which will cause your teeth to be more vulnerable to stains. Another example would be for regular swimmers, pool chlorination can cause stain accumulation over the course of a few months.


Certain medications, including antihistamines, high blood pressure medications and antipsychotic drugs, lead to discoloration of teeth as a side effect. Pregnant women are advised to avoid certain medications like the antibiotic tetracycline as it can cause discoloration in your child’s teeth.


Sometimes, it may just be in your genetic nature to have naturally darker teeth, and this is completely okay! The layer of tooth structure under your enamel could be thicker and darker, with thinner enamel over it, allowing the colour to show through more.

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