Why Fluoride Treatments are Worth It

Fluoride after a scale and clean isn’t just for kids. There are a number of advantages that a fluoride treatment has for older, adult patients as well. Here are just a few:


Combat Tooth Sensitivity

Have you noticed your teeth being more sensitive to things lately? Perhaps changes in temperature, a new toothpaste, your favourite drink, or after whitening them?

Sensitivity isn’t always cause for immediate alarm. It’s a common symptom of how the tooth is responding to outside stimuli, or when the gums are beginning to slightly recede.

Applying fluoride can act as a desensitizing treatment for up to 3-4 months, minimizing discomfort that you experience between dental visits.


Remineralize Early Signs of Decay

Although it’s not possible to “heal” a cavity and get the tooth to grow back, it is possible to intercept them in their very earliest of stages and strengthen the enamel back so that a physical hole does not develop in the tooth.

Early stages of cavities are typically demineralized surfaces, which might appear white or chalky compared to the enamel around them. During your exam, our Wantrina South dentist will check for demineralization in at-risk areas (such as along the gums or around orthodontic appliances) to see if there are any beginning to pop up. If they are, using fluoride and adjusting your home care routine can prevent them from getting worse.


Reduce Your Cavity Risk

No one ever ages out of getting cavities. If you have a few older fillings or experience cavities every now and then, it can benefit your smile to have a professional fluoride treatment every six months. This simple step is extremely effective at reducing your risk of developing new cavities.


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