Why Should You Wear An Athletic Mouthguard?

At Studfield Dental Group, we always recommend the best measures to protect your smile, especially if you’re physically active. Be it a more intensive sport like football or gymnastics, a mouthguard is probably one of the most important pieces of protective gear you can invest in- and this is for a range of reasons!

Reduced risk of concussions

During an injury, if your jaw is knocked hard enough, it can get pushed backward and up into your skull, causing a concussion. Wearing a custom-fitted mouthguard cushions the impact and significantly lowers the risk of this movement happening during an athletic injury.

Prevent broken teeth

A secure mouthguard will also be able to absorb the blow of an elbow to the mouth, a fall or even a ball coming at you, and keep your teeth safe in the process. This impact would normally be enough to chip, break or knock your teeth loose.

Preserve your dental work

Your dental work and restorations are just as vulnerable as your natural teeth! If you’ve recently completed any dental treatment like cosmetic veneers or a crown over your teeth, we definitely recommend wearing a mouthguard so that your investment doesn’t go to waste!

Fewer lip lacerations

If your teeth are pushed hard enough into your inner lip it can also cause lacerations. A protective guard over your teeth will also end up cushioning your lip from any painful scratches and wounds.

Getting just about any over-the-counter, loose mouthguard won’t do the trick, however. In order to fully protect your smile and get all the above benefits, you need a mouthguard customized and specially molded to your mouth for a secure fit. Call SDG and schedule your appointment for a customized mouthguard today!