Why You Need To Visit The Dentist Regularly

How often do you actually follow through on those regular visits to the dentist? We understand that it can be quite difficult to find the time for an appointment but trust us when we say that going to the dentist consistently and taking care of your smile is just as important to your overall health as regular exercise and eating right!

Why is visiting the dentist so important?

Those visits to your dentist once a year play a vital role in helping you maintain good oral health. During these appointments, our dental professionals take the time to thoroughly examine your teeth for any signs of decay. They will also conduct a professional teeth cleaning to remove plaque and tartar buildup that has accumulated since your last appointment. This hardened buildup can’t be removed at home with your usual oral hygiene routine so with these regular visits, you’ll have clean teeth, and significantly reduced chances of tooth decay, gum disease and several other health issues.

These regular visits to the dentist also give you the chance to ask more questions and learn how to properly brush, floss and tend to your oral health. Our dentists can give you many tips on what to do and what to avoid. For example, did you know certain foods and beverages like coffee and tea stain your teeth? We can help you build your awareness of oral health. In the long run, consistently sticking to this simple proactive measure will save you many painful and costly problems in the future!

How often should you visit your dentist?

Visiting your dentist should be incorporated into your regular health routine. By general rule of thumb, you should come in for an appointment every 6 months for your check-up and a professional clean. This is one of the most effective methods of preventative dentistry, in which proactive measures are taken for you to stay ahead of your oral health. It’s also equally important that you keep up with any recommended follow-up appointments for any treatments needed so that dental issues can be treated in their earliest stages with minimal cost and discomfort.

What exactly takes place during your dental visit?

Of course, you’ll have your teeth examined by our dentist. But did you know that we won’t just be looking for signs of decay but also more serious issues like early signs of oral cancer? If necessary, we may even recommend getting an x-ray done to be able to examine your teeth and jaw in further detail. Following your examination and a professional clean, there are other preventative treatments we may recommend to strengthen your enamel as well like fluoride treatments or sealants.

To conclude your visit, our dentist may recommend some at-home steps for you to follow in order to maintain good oral health. This may include some dietary advice as well. If you’re someone that’s apprehensive about visiting the dentist, we also offer sedation/sleep dentistry to help ease that anxiety and minimize any discomfort you may feel. Our dentists take a very gentle approach where they walk you through your appointment and what to expect for every next step.

What to do in-between your dental visits?

Maintaining a healthy smile doesn’t just depend on those 6-month checkups. In-between those trips to the dentist, you also need to practice proper dental care daily. This oral hygiene routine needs to include brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing at least once a day and use of an antibacterial mouthwash a couple of times a week.

We recommend limiting snacking and your intake of sugary drinks as much as possible since sugar directly contributes to cavities and tooth decay. Excessive consumption may lead to several trips to the dentist for extra professional cleanings and treatments. Practicing good oral hygiene consistently between your visits is equally imperative to ensuring you don’t run into any complications.

Do you really have to visit the dentist regularly?

We’ve encountered many patients who believe that they don’t need to visit the dentist every 6 months because they don’t see any visible problems with their teeth. Unfortunately, tooth decay is not always visible to the naked eye. Regardless of how well you clean your teeth at home, there will always be a certain degree of plaque buildup that escaped your cleaned and hardened, meaning it has to be removed by a professional only. Invest in your smile with a short visit to the dentist every 6 months and you’ll avoid the hassle, pain & costs of serious dental issues.

At Studfield Dental Group, our team of dental professionals are more than equipped to help you walk out with the best smile possible after each appointment, and guide you on how to maintain it between your dental visits!