Why You Need to Whiten Before Cosmetic Treatments

Considering a cosmetic dental treatment? Be it veneers, bonding, replacing your fillings or any other dental procedure, you may want to consider whitening your teeth first! Here’s why:

Your dental work won’t whiten

If you’ve had any dental restorations done, they’ll stay this color. Your composite bonding, fillings or crowns are made out of ceramic materials that won’t respond to the bleaching agents used during whitening treatment. It is possible to remove superficial stains but the foundation colour will remain the same even if you decide to whiten your other teeth.

Gives a brighter base for comparison

We can make your dental work look as natural as possible by matching it to the colour of your teeth. By whitening your teeth before cosmetic treatments, this gives our dentists a brighter base to match your restoration to. This will also give you an idea of when to touch up on your whitening because you’ll begin to notice a difference between your dental work and natural teeth.

You may only need whitening!

Teeth whitening is one of the most quickest and affordable ways to get a bright smile. And sometimes, this may be all you need for a complete smile make over! Whitening can also be combined with other treatments such as Invisalign for a more comprehensive treatment. You may find yourself happy with your smile after a professional whitening treatment!

Before we get you started on your whitening treatment, however, schedule an appointment with Studfield Dental Group to assess the healthiness of your smile and screen for gum decay!