Dr Michael Kotsifakis

Principal Dentist
Dental Surgeon BDSc Melbourne

Implantology, Anaesthetics and Cosmetic Dentistry.


Your Experienced, Patient-Centric Dentist at SDG in Wantirna

With over 35 years of experience in the field of dentistry, Dr. Michael Kotsifakis is not just an esteemed figure amongst his patients but is also profoundly respected amongst his colleagues in the industry. His dedication to his craft and to the well-being of his patients shines through in his work every day at Studfield Dental Group in Wantirna.


Specialty in Wisdom Teeth Removal:

Dr. Michael has been proficiently performing wisdom teeth removals since 1989, initially at renowned facilities such as Dandenong Surgicenter and the Knox Surgicenter. Since 2014, Studfield Dental Group took an innovative approach by establishing on-site mobile anaesthetics. This revolutionary move was supported by both DHS and ADA, with publications praising the safety protocols of mobile anaesthetics in the dental office. Over his illustrious career, Dr. Michael has impressively removed over 40,000 wisdom teeth, all without a single recorded incident.


A Pioneer in Dental Implants & Reconstruction:

Continuously seeking improvement, Dr. Michael remains at the forefront of the dental field, especially when it comes to surgery and reconstructive dentistry. As a trusted user of Nobel Biocare implants, he’s achieved one of the highest success rates in dental implant procedures. Since 2014, he has changed the lives of over 300 patients through the transformative all-on-4 technique. However, he passionately believes in preserving what’s natural. If a patient possesses functional teeth, he advocates for their preservation rather than unnecessary procedures.


Consultation & Rehabilitation:

While Dr. Michael is an expert in all-on-4 procedures, crowns, and bridges, he stresses the importance of individualised consultations. Recognising that not all treatments suit every individual, he employs his vast experience to advise the best course of action. Above all, Dr. Michael is committed to fairness and integrity; opting for local reputable labs over overseas suppliers and ensuring his patients are not overcharged.


Mentorship & Legacy:

In addition to treating patients, Dr. Michael has made significant contributions to the next generation of dentists. He has mentored numerous clinicians, with seven of them further specialising in the dental field.


Personal Touch:

Outside the confines of the dental office, Dr. Michael is an avid lover of nature, family, and sports, particularly soccer. Spending long hours indoors only increases his appreciation for the outdoors. You’ll often find him trading his dental tools for a pick and shovel, reveling in any outdoor activity.

At Studfield Dental Group, when you choose Dr. Michael Kotsifakis, you’re not just choosing a dentist; you’re choosing decades of unmatched experience, a patient-first approach, and a genuine commitment to your overall well-being. Welcome to exceptional care.