Five Signs Your Filling Needs to be Replaced

Today, most dental fillings last for several years. Whether it’s been 10 or 20 years since you had your filling placed, it will eventually give out. Let our dentists know if you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms:


You’ve Noticed Sensitivity When You Eat

Does pressure bother your tooth when you’re biting and chewing? Sensitivity that seems worse in one particular area of your mouth usually means a tooth is compromised or starting to get infected.


There’s a Rough Edge

Can you feel a rough surface when you rub your tongue across the tooth? This may indicate an open area between the filling and the enamel around it.


It’s Started to Change Colours Around the Edges

When older fillings start to leak, they tend to let stains and discoloration start to seep into the margins next to the tooth. This process can create a dark lining around the filling, almost making it appear as if there’s a cavity. A visit to our Wantrina South practice can determine whether it’s just an old filling, or active decay.


There’s Darkness on Your X-ray

During your checkup, our dentists will order periodic X-rays to evaluate the integrity of your dental work. If we see a dark shadow developing around your restoration, it’s a clue that new decay has developed around the margins and seeped under the filling.

Something Feels Odd

When something feels off about your smile, you can usually tell. Even if you’re not able to pinpoint what the exact problem is, tiny changes as small as a fraction of a millimetre can be felt when it comes to your teeth.

Think you need to have your filling changed out? Call Studfield Dental Group in Wantrina South today to schedule an exam.