Why Do People Need Emergency Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Why Do People Need Emergency Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Got a wisdom tooth that’s wreaking havoc on your life and well-being? We get that your wisdom teeth can be a source of pain and discomfort. That is why we are here to show the importance of immediate dental care. 

But before that – what are wisdom teeth? 

Also known as the rear molars, wisdom teeth are the last to erupt, and they usually come through in your late teens or early twenties. While there are usually four wisdom teeth, not everyone will get all four, and the pain level associated with wisdom teeth can vary from person to person.

When Is Emergency Wisdom Tooth Removal needed?

Wisdom tooth removal isn’t necessarily an urgent affair, but there are instances where urgent action or removal is non-negotiable. 

Emergency wisdom tooth removal often becomes necessary when discomfort associated with the teeth turns into severe pain or when wisdom teeth are impacted. You may also need emergency wisdom teeth extraction if the impacted tooth becomes infected to prevent the infection from spreading. 

What Is an Impacted Wisdom Tooth?

An impacted wisdom tooth occurs when there’s not enough space in your mouth for your wisdom teeth to erupt properly. As a result, they can erupt at an angle, pushing against the surrounding teeth and gums. This can cause inflammation and infections. 

You may be more prone to having an impacted wisdom tooth if you have a small jawbone, crowded teeth or a misaligned jaw. 

Symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth to keep an eye out for include: 

  • Severe pain and discomfort 
  • Redness or swelling around gums 
  • Infection of surrounding gums 
  • Difficulty opening your mouth and chewing
  • Bad breath or foul taste in your mouth 
  • Headaches 
  • A visible shift in the alignment of your teeth 

If you experience any of the above-mentioned signs, it’s your cue to schedule an emergency dental appointment. Delaying this important step can cause more severe complications. At SDG Dental, we’re here to assess your situation and devise the best treatment plans to suit your needs. We are open 7 days a week for all your emergency dental needs. 

Dental Problems Caused by Impacted Wisdom Teeth

  • Tooth Decay – Impacted wisdom teeth are more difficult to clean, becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. Food particles and bacteria can get trapped between the gum and tooth, making your impacted tooth more susceptible to decay. 
  • Gum Disease – When your wisdom teeth erupt partially, it can lead to pericoronitis, where the tooth is partially covered by the gums. Food and bacteria can accumulate underneath the gums, causing pain and inflammation. 
  • Cysts and Tumours – Your wisdom teeth develop surrounded by tissue sacs in the jawbone but when the tooth is impacted, this sac can fill with liquid, causing a cyst. While tumours can also form around the impacted wisdom tooth, they are generally benign (non-cancerous) and rare. 
  • Damage to Adjacent Teeth – An infected wisdom tooth can leave surrounding teeth at risk of increased infection. In addition, the pressure exerted can also cause damage to surrounding teeth, resulting in crowding or misalignment. 

While impaction cannot be prevented entirely, we can keep it in check with regular dental check-ups every six months. 

The Wisdom Tooth Removal Process at SDG Dental 

Initial Consultation & Diagnosis

When you come into our clinic, we will first assess your oral health and the condition of your wisdom teeth. We may use dental imaging techniques like X-rays to determine the position of the impacted tooth. If we identify signs of tooth decay and infection, or if you are in severe pain, we will recommend emergency wisdom tooth removal. 


Once our dentist develops a personalised treatment plan for you, we will begin the extraction process. The first step is to administer local anaesthesia to numb the surrounding area and minimise any discomfort. Our dentist will then make a small incision in the gumline near the wisdom tooth to extract it. 


The affected area will then be cleaned, and the incision will be stitched. A sterile dental gauze will be placed over the extraction site to promote clotting and healing. We will inform you of the aftercare instructions to ensure a smooth recovery. Don’t forget to visit us for a follow-up appointment, as recommended, to ensure your recovery process is free of complications.  

Wisdom Tooth Removal Aftercare 

Now that you’ve bid farewell to that painful wisdom tooth, it’s time to maintain good oral hygiene and ensure a smooth recovery. To enjoy a pain-free smile, it’s important to follow the aftercare instructions provided by our dentists. Here’s your guide to wisdom tooth removal aftercare:  

  • If you’re experiencing pain, don’t worry; it’s part of the process. Take pain-relief medication as prescribed by our dentist to manage your pain. While some pain is expected, contact our team immediately if it persists. 
  • Manage swelling and bruising by applying an ice pack over your face. 
  • Control bleeding and promote healing by gently biting down on the gauze pad placed over the extraction site. Some bleeding post-extraction is normal, but if bleeding persists, let us know.
  • Gently rinse your mouth with warm saltwater 24 hours after surgery. Do not rinse aggressively.
  • Stick to a soft food diet and avoid eating spicy food for the first couple of days. 
  • Stay hydrated, but make sure to avoid drinking using a straw. The sucking motion can dislodge the blood clot forming over the extraction site, resulting in a dry socket condition.
  • Say no to alcohol and smoking for at least 48 hours post-extraction. 
  • Give your body the rest it needs. Avoid strenuous activities and exercise for a few days after the surgery. 

As mentioned before, emergency wisdom tooth removal is not always necessary unless you have an impacted or infected wisdom tooth. While wisdom tooth extraction may seem daunting, you can rest assured knowing it’s a routine procedure in the hands of our experienced dentists at SDG. We will guide you through every step of the way to ensure a smooth recovery and help you minimise pain and anxiety with sleep dentistry solutions.  

Are you experiencing signs of an impacted wisdom tooth? Let’s tackle it head-on – schedule an emergency dentistry appointment, and we’ll help alleviate the wisdom tooth pain with our effective and safe emergency wisdom tooth removal procedures.